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Anti-Spam Policy

Anti-Spam Policy

What is spam?

Spam is is any unsolicited bulk email.

Our Policy

Spamming is not allow on our networks. If you are suspected of sending spam, your account will be suspended immediately. We don't consider mailing lists spam but only if certain criteria are met (you may be asked to demonstrate these criteria).

Mailing Lists

Mailing lists must:

  1. Be Opt-In
  2. Have full instructions on how to unsubscribe. Simply having a URL on the email isn't sufficient.
  3. Those instructions must be easy to find and understand.
  4. The headers of your email must not be modified to make determining the source of your email more difficult.

Spam Complaints

When we receive a spam complaint for your IP address, we will forward this to you. We don't inspect the contents of any complaints so some will may be outdated (i.e. someone only sends an email to the spam can weeks or months later) but this can be done for you at a charge.

All forwarded spam complaint must be responded to individually and address the following questions:

  1. What happened? (I.e. were you compromised? Have you started a spamming business? Is the complaint invalid?)
  2. How have you resolved the problem?
  3. How have you prevented this from happening in the future?

Each complaint we forward will be outstanding until you've responded with the above information. If you have 10 spam complaints outstanding your account will be suspended until you can contact us.

If you receive more than 10 spam complaints a month, we reserve the right to apply a management charge to your account.

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